Friday, December 11, 2015

Grenadiere zu Pferde Warsteiner

I was lucky enough to visit Ohio Bob's gaming emporium last month (more of that visit anon) and coincidentally pick up a couple of new units for my ImagiNation project painted by Ohio Bob. First up, a  new addition to the KaiserReich army gallops onto the field: Grenadiere zu Pferde Warsteiner. These are all Crusader Miniatures (as are the majority of my collection).

But a quick reminder of the state of affairs in Das KasierReich:

Das KaiserReich, a strictly protestant state, is ruled over by KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm, who also personally commands his army in the field. The state is rigorously controlled by an efficient and ruthless bureaucracy, at the head of which sits The Council of Twelve, a group of influential and wealthy burghers. Constant strain and tension between the hereditary rights of the KronPrinz and the economic and personal interests of The Council serve to limit the powers of the royal family. Thus, many of the regiments that make up the army are militia, raised and paid for by their Inhabers, landed gentry from the various districts of the Reich (most of whom are closely tied to the royal family by blood or obligation).

Upon application to the Council of Twelve, a new KaiserReich cavalry regiment, Grenadiere zu Pferde Warsteiner, has been raised by Freiherr Robert von Lehmann (himself a member of The Council of Twelve). According to the strictures imposed by the Council, Freiherr von Lehmann is responsible for recruitment, maintenance, and all other military sundries required for the upkeep of a KaiserReich cavalry regiment. This is a two-squadron militia cavalry unit and hails from the north of Das KaiserReich, near the border with St Julien. As with all militia units in the KaiserReich, the only mandate is blue uniforms. The remainder of the distinctions are wholly in the purview of the Inhaber. In this case, von Lehmann chose light green distinctions and silver plates for the stately mitres. 

In Black Powder terms, this unit has the following stats:

Melee: 8
Shooting: --
Morale: 3
Stamina: 3
Special Rules: heavy cavalry +1, elite 4+

The might of the KaiserReich cavalry arm: Grenadiere zu Pferde Warsteiner, Pistoliere von Doppelbock, and Ulanen Hasseroder.

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