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The Battle of Pristina, Dec 11, 1745 - the battle fought

Lugio, Provincia del Sud, Libagioni December 13, 1745

Kronprinz Friedrich-Wilhelm, Kreuzberg

Your Highness

It is with deep regret that I must communicate to you the actions of Il Prinicipe Martellato in the late action at Pristina, on December 11. Il Prinicipe, in an attempt to pull Gourmandie forces away from the fortress of Champaigne, in concert with Your Highness' most gratefully acknowledged and allied forces, moved his army south and west to Pristina. Il Prinicipe immediately sent out his cavalry to discover the presence of Gourmandie forces, last indicated to have been at Frontenard. On the morning of December 11, a day destined to be one filled with distress and chagrin for Your Highness' forces, the Gourmandie army, under the command of Le Marquis de Fromage, appeared without warning from the east of Pristina and commenced a vigorous attack upon the army of Il Prinicipe. Unfortunately, our army was woefully bereft of adequate cavalry forces, and Il Prinicipe, with considerable haste, dispatched couriers to the missing formations. The Gourmandie army attacked after a vigorous cannonade and was able to force our army from the environs of Pristina, northwards in some confusion.

Although the day was lost and our army has been forced to retreat again north of the Cabrera River, it is my honour to report that Your Highness' troops fought gallantly and held their ground throughout the engagement despite the precipitate retreat of Libagioni contingents all around.

As Your Highness is aware, the ravages of winter are fast approaching and is my recommendation that Your Highness order the movement of Your forces to KaiserReich territory and into winter cantonments. It is my duty, however, to inform Your Highness that it is apparent that this is not the intention of Il Prinicipe, who seems determined to continue the campaign despite the recent losses and the approaching winter. It seems His naturally aggressive, yet is must be said somewhat imprudent, boldness, coupled with innate arrogance, has allowed Il Prinicipe to convince Himself, and His advisors, that a continuance of operations is not only possible but propitious. The unseasonably mild weather has, no doubt, contributed in large degree, to this attitude.

My officers and I heartily reject this appreciation of the current situation and remain Your Highness' most obedient servants.

Markgraf Germand von Buetler
Plenipotentiary Minister to the Court of Il Prinicipe Martellato, 
Ducato di Libagioni

 Deployment of the Libagioni army in the fields north of Pristina, Libagioni infantry to the left and KaiserReich infantry to the right.

 Across the field, the Gourmandie army deploys to attack Pristina, infantry anchored on the road to the left, and cavalry on the right flank. 

Les Grenadiers a Cheval Boursin (and accompanying dragoons) advance to threaten the Libagioni left flank. With the majority of the Libagioni cavalry absent, only the Grenadier zu Pferde Warstenier stood to receive the advance, supported by Libagioni guns. 

The two heavy cavalry regiments crash into one another while Les Dragons de Saint-Feliciens take on the Libagioni guns. The Gourmandie heavies have an advantage in melee here. Fielded as a large unit in Black Powder terms (24 figures), Les Grenadiers a Cheval Boursin wield 11 dice in melee (9 dice for a standard unit + 2 dice for large size). In response, the KaiserReich heavies throw only 8 dice. The KaiserReich heavies were forced back and spent the remainder of the action rallying and resting. The Gourmandie heavies also fell back to reorganize but were soon back in the fray, threatening the Libagioni flank.

Somewhat later in the action, KaiserReich lancers (Ulanen Hasseroder), lately recalled from their scouting mission, also take on Boursin. Although the lancers get a bonus in the first round of combat, it isn't enough to counter the 11 Gourmandie melee dice versus 6 KaiserReich dice. The result was inevitable, and compounded by the Gourmandie heavies receiving the "heavy cavalry +1" bonus for the melee outcome. A valiant effort by Hasseroder but doomed to failure.

KaiserReich heavy guns prepare to fire point blank on Gourmandie infantry. In the background can be seen Freikorps Jagers Radeburger threatening the flank of the Gourmandie attack. Although this concentration of firepower stalled the Gourmandie advance against the KaiserReich contingent, the Libagioni troops on the left flank fared not so well. 

The first view of Infanterie d'Auvergne, the newest addition to the Gourmandie army (from the brushes of Ohio Bob). Unfortunately the photo is somewhat out of focus (Sorry Bob!). 

The KaiserReich contingent stands alone and unsupported after the rout of the Libagioni infantry on its left flank. Despite the threat to their own left flank from KaiserReich guns and jagers, the Gourmandie army is beginning to turn the left flank of the KaiserReich infantry, secure in the knowledge that their right flank is held by the Gourmandie heavy cavalry.
Gratuitous shot of Pristina. 

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