Thursday, January 21, 2016

Das KaiserReich - new additions to the army

At the end of the campaigning season and just in time to join the KaiserReich army in winter quarters, two new infantry regiments. It appears that the KasierReich army is now strong enough on its own to take on Gourmandie without the aid of (or in alliance with) Libagioni.

 Musketiere Märzen.
Crusader Miniatures with GMB flag. 

Musketiere Märzen is a militia infantry unit, raised in the fortress city of Märzen, straddling the KaiserReisch-Gourmandie border, and funded by Burgermeister Hans Treumann. As is custom in Das KaiserReich, only those units belonging to the personal guard of KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm are considered part of the regular army. Musketiere Märzen wear the standard blue short tunics of Kasierreich infantry and are commanded in the field by Colonel Otto Partszehl.

Füsiliere Weißbier.
Front Rank figures with GMB flag.

Füsiliere Weißbier is another militia infantry unit, raised and funded by Freiherr Jean-Baptiste LeBlanque, wearing standard blue coats and short mitres. Freiherr LeBlanque, a Gourmandie emigre, is a member of The Council of Twelve. In only three short years, LeBlanque has risen from wandering nobleman, late of southern Gourmandie, to well-respected military commander and handsomely wealthy landowner. Rumours of how he achieved this in so short a time abound.

The current stable of KaiserReich infantry: (front to back) Musketiere Märzen; Musketiere Krombacher; Füsiliere Weißbier; Grenadiere Oettinger.


  1. Beautiful Armies! You make me wanna turn to a "Gamer"!!
    Regards, George

  2. Great looking uniforms and minis, beautiful job!