Tuesday, February 2, 2016

KaiserReich noblemen gather for a training exercise

Although frosty weather has descended upon the land and the armies are enjoying their winter cantonments, a small training exercise was recently held in the Palast der Fürsten of KronPrinz Friedrich-Wilhelm, snug amongst the public gardens of Kreuzburg. Friedrich-Wilhelm had gathered together his generals and noblemen, ostensibly to discuss campaign plans for the following summer season but also to present them with a number of tactical and administrative challenges. The assembled officers were invited to express their opinions and determine their responses as a group and individually. Chief among his officers stood the Markgraf Vidalius von Beyrösch-Nachbarschaften and ex-Nordstrum emigré Baron Jenssen of Bisterstad, the former of which heads The Council of Twelve and represented their interests at the assembly. The latter, although highly-esteemed by the KronPrinz and popular amongst the rank and file, stands apart from the KaiserReich nobility as a mercenary captain and thus cannot sit on The Council of Twelve nor be eligible to raise his own regiments in the army (despite his vast wealth, which it must be said is rumoured to be based upon trade with the Eastern Reaches).

KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm was especially eager to test his officers' mettle against the problem of assaulting a fortified town, as was commonplace in the Grand-Duchy of Gourmandie.

The Gourmandie deployment: typical arrangement, with infantry in the centre anchored on the left wing cavalry and on the fortified town. 

The town, ringed with fortifications. Grand-Duc Pierre Louis and his suite are present in the town, despite the presence of Le Marquis de Fromage commanding the field army.

Grand-Duc Pierre-Louis with his travelling entertainment.

Deployment of the KaiserReich army:(L-R) light troops (bolstered by a Libagioni contingent); KaiserReich infantry and heavy artillery; KaiserReich cavalry. 

Right wing of the KaiserReich army.

Left wing of the Gourmandie army.

The two cavalry wings clash. There is a noticeable lack in this picture of Gourmandie heavy cavalry. The large size Grenadiers à Cheval Boursin, cornerstone of the Gourmandie cavalry arm, partook of one melee with the enemy heavy cavalry and promptly fled the field. As remarked upon during the staff exercise, this is perhaps the most unlucky (or incompetent, depending upon the point of view) of regiments.

Gourmandie infantry hold the centre of the line. There is a marked absence of rear supports, as these were diverted to the left flank to deal with the aforementioned lack of heavy cavalry. 

The dénouement of the KaiserReich attack: the fortifications captured and Gourmandie infantry flanked. 

KronPrinz Friedrich-Wilhelm was mightily pleased with the exercise and has sent his nobles back to their respective commands to prepare for the coming campaigning season. The Council of Twelve convenes shortly to discuss future additions to the army.

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