Friday, February 26, 2016

Hussards de le Grand Duc

Some new cavalry for Le Grand-Duché de Gourmandie: Hussards de le Grand Duc

Grand Duc Pierre-Louis has issued a warrant for the organization of a new regular cavalry regiment, to be paid for and furnished by the state. LeGrand Duc has asked that young men of noble birth (or in certain circumstances sons of wealthy landowners) present themselves with horse and furniture, upon which time they would be issued with uniforms and weapons. The regiment sports the traditional Gourmandie red coats with, in this case, blue facings. Although associated with the Grand Duc in name, the regiment should not be confused with a traditional guard unit. In fact, the rank and file have little or no military experience, beyond the normal education for young men of substance. Thus, a number of seasoned men from Gourmandie's senior cavalry regiment, les Grenadiers à Cheval Boursin, have been transferred in to bolster the ranks.

Riding at the head of the new regiment in the forthcoming spring campaign  will be Florian  Battier, Comte de Rien, nephew to Grand Duc Pierre-Loius. Le Comte is a young man who has sat at the elbow of his uncle since boyhood and thus has much experience of attending upon the army in splendour and magnificence. He is able to wear the garb of the hussars with much dash!

 Hussards de le Grand Duc, 2e Escadron.
(Crusader Miniatures)

Regular heavy and light cavalry regiments are each composed of one to three field squadrons and one depot squadron, maintained and recruited in the regiment's home district. The first squadron carries the Ordonnance standard and is commanded by a Chef d'Escadron and the regiment by the regimental Colonel. In the case of this regiment, only two squadrons have been raised (above, 2e d'Escadron).

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