Sunday, February 7, 2016

scenes from the workbench - KaiserReich commanders

Much too lazy to set up proper photos of the newest additions to the ImagiNations project.... this time, KaiserReich commanders.

KronPrinz Friedrich-Wilhelm, front and centre, with Baron Jenssen of Bisterstad in red. KaiserReich nobles and officers are clothed in standard KasierReich blue coats, while Baron Jenssen sports the red coat fashionable among Nordstrum emigrés. On the right of the photo is Freiherr Erik von Radeburger and to the left, Reichsritter Volker Guttmacher.

 Reichsritter Hildebrandt Freytag, one of Friedrich-Wilhelm's cavalry commanders.

Markgraf Vidalius von Beyrösch-Nachbarschaften, 
festooned with gold lace (as is his wont).

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