Monday, April 4, 2016

and some opponents for the Yanks...

In my 40% deal off Artizan figures last year at Historicon, I also picked up some Germans in winter gear. I have also bolstered that purchase with some online Artizan and Warlord Games purchases (but these are still in post). While waiting, I was able to knock off the first section of Germans and the platoon commander.

Since Michael has the beginnings of a late war panzer grenadier platoon, I've chosen to model a plain-Jane, bog-standard German infantry platoon with three sections (each with a single MG42).

These were a challenge to paint, as white is my absolutely least favourite colour to paint but the lovely detail of the Artizan models more than made up for my struggles.

To ease my misgivings about white, the Artizan figures in the post are garbed in greatcoats. It should produce a nice effect with the white winter gear and the greatcoats mixed throughout the platoon (and be easier to paint :)).
 Ten-man German zug and platoon commander (at the left).


Pak40 anti-tank gun (Army Group North Miniatures). Unfortunately, this is a less than satisfactory model that took almost an hour to clean and assemble. I have little patience for model-making and my spidey senses are particularly attuned to models that are poorly-designed or executed.

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