Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Friedrich-Wilhelm prepares to travel (some new ImagiNation goodies)

As the snow begins to melt and the campaigning season approaches, KronPrinz Friedrich-Wilhelm makes preparations for his annual spring peregrination and inspection of KaiserReich fortresses and military garrisons. His faithful servant, Suwailim of the Eastern Reaches, has diligently prepared the carriage and the lords and ladies of the court have gathered to bid the traditional KaiserReich maxim, "Der Stärkere hat immer Recht!" ("The stronger is always right!").

KronPrinz Friedrich-Wilhelm (second from right) prepares for his long journey under the watchful eye of Suwailim, perched atop the royal carriage.
(Warlord Games carriage from the ever-fruitful workshop of Captain Dan of RedOverBlue)

Various lords and ladies of the court.
(Blue Moon figures from the hands of Captain Dan of RedOverBlue)

On the left, Erzherzog Kunibert-Ludwig, brother to Friedrich-Wilhelm, sits astride his horse, wine cup in hand. He is accompanied by his military advisor Count Ludoviso Franconi, who, appointed personally by the KronPrinz is, in truth, more chaperone than advisor to the impetuous and often inebriated ArchDuke.
(Kunibert-Ludwig - Warlord Games; Franconi - Front Rank; both by Captain Dan of RedOverBlue)

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