Thursday, April 7, 2016

Carlist Wars - Aragon brigade

While adding to my WWII and ImagiNation projects lately, I've been able to fit in a few new Carlist Wars figures to bolster the ranks of the Army of the Center. These have been sitting in the lead pile for some time but I decided to throw them in the painting queue as a break from WWII Americans. It's been a while since I last added to this collection so I needed to refresh myself on the painting technique I had used (my technique has been changing the last few months).The collection is all single-based figures to allow big battles with Black Powder (or other such rules) or skirmish gaming with Sharp Practice 2 (due for release in a few weeks... and I've heard a Carlist Wars supplemental list will be published as well).

I was happy with the retro painting style and it's not easy to find the new figures in amongst the entire brigade. I particularly like the rich chocolate brown of the frock coats in the Aragon battalions. The brigade has three battalions and a skirmish unit, all backed up by a small unit of Aragon lancers. There will eventually be an artillery battery added as well. On the painting blocks now is another Carlist battalion for the Tortosa brigade.

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