Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter weekend goodness...

I sidled down to the Niagara Peninsula this past Easter weekend for some gaming goodness at the home of the most-illustrious purveyor of gaming goodies and all-round great guy, Martin of J&Miniatures. Martin had asked for another Chain of Command contest and I was happy to bring along my 1940 Germans and BEF. We set up an Attack & Defend scenario from the rulebook and had at it!

 The battlefield surveyed with enthusiasm and gusto!

 British aid station, defended gallantly at the side of the road against any wandering demons or zombies. Is that really a cross in his hand?

 German zug deploys on the attack.

The British deploy a monster! Interestingly, there was discussion amongst the British commanders  (OK, just Martin) before the battle whether to call on the services of a Matilda I or Matilda II. Not surprisingly, the former did not win the argument.

German infantry realize, after manoeuvring close to the Matilda, that they have no integral AT weapons. Didn't they get the 1940 memo? 

 These must be solid crops.. the terrain-maker needs to re-assess.

The first ever game appearance of the Sig33, cobbled together from bits and bobs many months ago by Captain Dan from RedOverBlue. This monster throws 13 HE dice! Martin had the audacity to deploy a Boyes AT rifle team to its flank. Needless to say, 13 dice were enough to quickly dispatch that puny annoyance.

 British 2" mortars throw down a smoke screen in front of the German armour.

The Matilda fires its bow machine gun vainly at some scurrying Germans (does that make them scurrilous?).

It was a hard-fought contest and the small British platoon held off the four-zug German platoon admirably but sheer numbers (and 13 HE dice from the Sig33) really made the difference.

My thanks to Martin for a great day!


  1. That SiG33 is brilliant!
    Although if the ATR had gotten first shot the thin armour of the SIG would've been toast!

  2. I'm trying to redo my basing for single 15mm units - what/how do you base?

    Nice looking table.

  3. @ Itinerant... my basing is a something i've been doing for years. 1) Coloured LePage's wood filler, sprinkled with gravel while still wet; 2) Tamiya Smoke (diluted 50%) to provide some depth and to seal the gravel; 3) drybrush cream; 4) drybrush white; 5) add static grass patches. I should really do a blog post for this :)

  4. What are they on? I like the thicker base

  5. Man. I just zoomed to look at your bases since you explained your process. Your figs look great.

  6. Those are 3mm laser cut mdf from Warbases.