Friday, May 20, 2016

Carlist Wars - Tortosa Brigade

I've been plugging away again on some additions to my Carlist Wars collection. In fact, this is as much an exercise in clearing up some of the lingering sub-piles in the lead pile as much as anything. At least that was true until somehow I received another package recently from Perry Miniatures with more Carlist figures (not sure how that happened). Clearly, I have absolutely no hobby self-control.

With the addition of the new Tortosa battalion below, the Army of the Centre under Don Cabrera is up to eight full battalions of infantry with various cavalry, skirmisher, and artillery units attached. A far cry from the small Sharp Practice project that Vidal roped me into so many years ago...

Tortosa Brigade
(Perry Miniatures with flags by Adolfo Ramos)
The new battalion is on the left in the swanky red pants.

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