Friday, June 3, 2016

Das KaiserReich - army completion

The forces of Das KaiserReich have completed their muster and stand at full-strength (for the moment, at least). In practical terms, the KaiserReich carry case is full and any additions will require a new case or a serious re-evaluation of the collection. Nevertheless, good to complete an army as planned.

Füsiliere Schwarzbier.
Front Rank figures with GMB flag.

Above sits 2. Brigade under the command of Markgraf Vidalius von Beyrösch-Nachbarschaften. The latest (and last) addition to the army, Füsiliere Schwarzbier, sits in the foreground with its sister regiment Füsiliere Weißbier to the rear. 

Füsiliere Schwarzbier is a second militia infantry unit, raised and funded by Freiherr Jean-Baptiste LeBlanque, wearing standard blue coats with green disctinctions. In contrast to their sister regiment, Füsiliere Schwarzbier sports silver mitres and metal distinctions in contrast to the  Füsiliere Weißbier brass. Freiherr LeBlanque, a Gourmandie emigre, is a member of The Council of Twelve. In only three short years, LeBlanque has risen from wandering nobleman, late of southern Gourmandie, to well-respected military commander and handsomely wealthy landowner. Rumours of how he achieved this in so short a time abound.

Army Commander: KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm
Chief of the Army Staff: Baron Jenssen of Bisterstad

1. Brigade "Reichsgraf Reinhard von Blumhardt"
  • Musketiere Krombacher
  • Musketiere Märzen 

2. Brigade "Markgraf Vidalius von Beyrösch-Nachbarschaften"
  • Füsiliere Weißbier
  • Füsiliere Schwarzbier

3. Brigade "Freiherr Ulrich von Schlender"
  • Grenadiere Oettinger
  • 1. FeldArtillerie zu Fuß
  • 2. FeldArtillerie zu Fuß
  • 1. Große FeldArtillerie

4. Brigade "Reichsritter Hildebrandt Freytag"
  • Grenadiere zu Pferde Warsteiner
  • Pistoliere von Doppelbock

5. Brigade "Freiherr Erik von Radeburger"
  • Ulanen Radeburger
  • Freikorps der Jagers Radeburger

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