Saturday, December 10, 2016

"I lost the game slightly less than you..."

A cold evening in the Trenton Gaming Emporium for a Cold War micro-armour game using Battle Captains... this time pitting 1984 Soviets and East Germans v US Cav and Kansas National Guard. As with most of my experiences with Battle Captains, the fun was primarily in the battle of wits and decision-making, rather than in execution of the combat mechanics. The nitty-gritty of the BC mechanics is, to my mind, rather secondary (that's not to say they are unimportant or poorly constructed... quite the opposite actually). But the meat and bones of the rules are the emphasis on the command decisions made by a company commander. At this scale of decision-making, I'm little interested in which vehicle is firing at which enemy infantry section etc. Now, that part of the game is fun too... the shooting and scooting! But as with a real-life company/kampfgruppe commander, the player's mind should be on the bigger picture.

I took the helm of the Soviets and Michael steered the Americans. The game ended with a US victory but as Michael cogently pointed out:

"I lost the game slightly less than you."

And so, onto some pics of the game. Photos of micro-armour games are notoriously difficult to get right so I thought 'd concentrate on the magnificent terrain Michael has put together. In this case, a 12' x 6' table bisected by a broad river, nestled in a wide river valley (although the valley contours are difficult to see in the pics).



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