Monday, December 12, 2016

CoC: How to Defend a Jump Off Point

A second game this past weekend at the Trenton Gaming Emporium (actually, the third game...sandwiched in-between was a WWI naval game but photos of naval games are usually unsatisfying) saw the debut of my new late war German winter platoon. A modicum of alertness will show that the terrain used was not of the winter variety. That's an entirely different mountain to climb!

Since it was the third game of the weekend, I was quite tired and lost interest in getting up to take photos after the first few... so, just  a few pics below.

The view from the German-held town. The Americans (Michael) attacked from the far side of the table and the left as a Flank Attack scenario.

For some reason, we played the game on a 6' x 8' table instead of the usual 4' x 6' version (probably just cuz we like seeing lots of cool terrain).

The first sighting of the new Stug III, properly whitewashed (unlike the surrounding town).

One interesting action in the game: In order to protect a vulnerable Jump Off Point, I deployed a German section within 4" of the threatening American squad. Close Combat immediately ensued and saw the German section wiped out (completely) but the American squad leader hit as well. Force Morale for Germans drops by two; American FM drops by two. The JoP was still in peril and on the next German phase, I deployed another section at the same point. A second Close Combat kicks off. The Germans lose (but aren't wiped out and fall back). The American section leader is hit again (and dies) and the American platoon commander present receives a minor wound. More FM drops and suddenly we were at FM 3 for the Germans and FM1 for the Americans. Crazy!

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