Friday, December 23, 2016

Soviet debut (or debacle?)

The Trenton Gaming Emporium today saw the debut of Michael's WWII Soviets. Weatherman Phil is in town for the holidays so we are attempting three games today. First up, in an apparent fit of masochism, Michael designed a Chain of Command scenario that pitted green Soviets vs elite German panzer-grenadiers. The result was inevitable and the Soviets, although trying valiantly, were destroyed in massive fashion (they got blowed up real good!).

General views of the table with some burning German vehicles from a previous action.

The Soviet force, freshly based and flocked.

And the Germans... clearly with much more firepower.

The Puma races on the table to fulfill its primary function, to find the sub-human Soviets. A German section in its halftrack moves up in support.

The T34/85 deployed on the table edge in the town, and was promptly knocked out...

... by this bad boy! 
Looking at the picture, however, I'm acutely aware that that wooden bridge would probably not have been able to support the weight of a Panther. Ah well, the Soviet player didn't seem to notice.

On the opposite flank, the Soviet commander brings on the SU-76 and an infantry section. The SU-76 and the Puma exchanged a number of shots (without any significant result) until the German panzerschreck team, lurking in the rough ground nearby, brewed up the SU-76: 13 AP dice v 4 armour dice! Not an unexpected result.

Soviet maxim MMG and infantry section deploy and move to counter...

Again, the inevitable result? Much Soviet death and destruction!

The Panther continues onto the table after its spectacular first shot to take out the T34/85 but the Soviet force had already folded like a cheap suit by this point in the game.

So, a not unexpected result for the green Soviets. Methinks we may need another platoon painted up.

Meanwhile, table cleaned up and lunch served, this is happening on the table now...

Not sure what this is... can't comprehend... can't compute... 

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  1. Beautiful looking game, I fine several parts of your table inspirational and I will be bringing them into my gaming - thank you.