Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Gaming Disaster!

Last weekend, during our gaming in the Trenton Gaming Emporium, a disaster of epic proportions occurred. No, my WWII Americans did not get trashed again. Chewbacca, resident four-legged beast (of massive size and stupidity.... but cute), was able to knock over an entire shelving unit of micro-armour and spaceships. A conservative estimate of $5,000 of product was strewn about indiscriminately! Tiny bits and pieces were spread across the floor and the hearts of the four gamers present jumped in their respective chests. This was followed by a profound attempt by all but Michael to utter platitudes and consolations (his reaction was somewhat more explosive... followed by shock). The death of a family member may not have elicited the same level of grief.

Epilogue: Although seemingly a disaster, and the damage was extensive, it could have been much worse. But there is a lot to repair and replace. Ugh!