Saturday, January 28, 2017

2016 review

Not to be outdone by all the other bloggers spread over the interwebs and because all the cool kids do it.... my 2016 painting totals...

First up a look at the total points for the year (the points are based on the AHPC table found here):

The red line indicates all points added to my collections and the blue those points painted by me. So, a satisfying year all round. 2016 saw more added to the collections than the previous two years combined (although 2015 was interrupted by a house move, thus the low numbers).

The relation of the two sets of numbers in the chart above translate into this...

Here we see that my personal output in 2016 made up 76% of the total. Although I took advantage of some excellent painting from others (thanks to Captain Dan, Ohio Bob, and Monsieur LeBlanque), I was happy to find my painting mojo fairly strong all year (note: the DH1 acronym is used to differentiate my painting from Captain Dan, who shares the same initials ... go figure).

The average painting output per month (just from my own hands) was a quite respectable 179, although comparing to the first month of 2017 it doesn't seem that good. But it must be pointed out that a good number of the initial 2017 points are hold-overs from 2016 when the painting was completed but not the final basing (the figures/vehicles must be completely based to be inputted into the matrix).

And the 2016 list of additions:

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