Thursday, February 23, 2017

how to avoid Imperial Guard syndrome... or not

I usually make a concerted effort in my collections to avoid building super units for as long as possible. As evidence, in my previous 28mm Napoleonic collection I waited until I had a couple of thousand normal, everyday figures before I added a couple of Imperial Guard brigades to my French army. In my WWII collecting over the last few years, the closest I've come is early war German Fallschirmjagers (and it's arguable whether FJs are super units). So, obviously not guilty of the Imperial Guard syndrome!

So it is that in my latest push to add more to the ImagiNations collection, I've finally attempted the first guard unit. As I've been focusing on Le Grand-Duch√© de Gourmandie (the plan is to effectively double the infantry contingent) and after the latest addition of the Grenadiers de Champaigne, I thought some guard might be appropriate. To guard against falling into the super unit hole, these guard are rated the same as the Grenadiers de Champaigne and the Grenadiers de Camembert (in fact, they are all in the same brigade). So, guard in name only... until they prove themselves on the field of battle.

Fusiliers-Gardes de Gourmandie
(Crusader Miniatures & GMB flag)

I had two battalions worth of these Crusader figures, originally slated to be painted as regular Gourmandie line infantry in red coats. But after the last red-coated battalion (Grenadiers de Champaigne), I swore I'd not do anymore red for this collection (red is notorious on my paint desk for causing much cursing and lamentation). So, another colour then... I chose to go the typical 18th century route and try a light grey. I'm quite happy with the choice, especially as the red trim pulls the unit into the Gourmandie red zone.

2e Artillerie de Gourmandie

To add to the growing power of Gourmandie, I've also added more heavy guns to the  army. Funny story with this one though (not funny - haha! ... but funny - doh!). I was halfway through painting these as KaiserReich artillerists when I pulled up a previous photo of my existing KR artillery for reference (the figures are temporarily stored in the Trenton Gaming Emporium, thus I was not able to look at them directly). I couldn't reconcile the half-painted figures in my hands with what already existed in the army. After some initial confusion, I realized that these are Gourmandie figures! Luckily, both armies' regular artillerists have blue coats and I was able to quickly change course. Of course, this meant that the previously planned KR artillery addition went to the Gourmandie army. So guards and heavy guns! (note: not seen here are the limbers and caisson also completed)

And so to add to the seemingly super unit list for Gourmandie, a sneak-peek at the Chasseurs-Gardes de Gourmandie (the first half anyway).... what can I say? Guilty!

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