Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Kid on the Block...Saint Julien

At the risk of negatively affecting my current ImagiNations painting mojo  (which admittedly can be rather mercurial), I have decided to add another army to my ImagiNations collection. The KaiserReich and Libagioni armies are complete and the Gourmandie army will be in the same condition when the Chasseurs-Gardes de Gourmandie are completed soon ("hahahaha!! that's funny"... OK, stop laughing).

And so, introducing...

Saint Julien

Prince-Archbishop Clemens August of Saint-Julien (an uncle of Pierre Louis, Grand-Duc de Gourmandie) is the particularly wicked and malevolent leader of L'inquisition, an institution whose aim is to aggressively combat heresy in the Catholic faith (and, in fact, in all Christendom). He is Prince and Archbishop of Saint-Julien, Prince-Bishop of Koblenz, Bishop of the dioceses of Cologne, Aachen and Bonn, Grandmaster of the Bubonic Order, and Abbot of Stablo and Malmedy. Clemens August's regime is oppressive and tyrannical, wherein all decisions are centralized in the person of the Prince-Archbishop. He uses his position to communicate the true word of God, not only to his own nobles and peasantry but to the world at large, much to the chagrin of his neighbours (particularly his nephew). 

Saint Julien is lurking in the south-west corner of the map.

And the army begins its mobilization:

Four battalions of infantry, two squadrons of cavalry and two guns arrived in the training depots today.

And the Milices Bourgeoises Troisdorf ready themselves to receive their new uniforms.

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