Sunday, June 4, 2017

RayCon 2017: Battle of Queenston Heights 1812

A couple of weeks ago, Vidal and I ventured to the wild shores of Lake Huron to enjoy our annual excursion to RayCon. The usual suspects came out to play, including Michael and Kevin, and Ohio Bob. Saturday is the traditional gaming day, when we set up the tables outside beside the cabin. This year, thankfully, saw a bright sunny day with minimal wind and pleasant temperatures. In the morning, Vidal and I hosted a Sharp Practice 2 game using our combined 1812 collections, the same as which we play-tested earlier (see here). 

Various photos of the game below from Michael's camera (the natural light lends a nice ambience)...

Looking into the village of Queenston from the bank of the Niagara River.

Another view of the village.

American militia form up on the bank of the river.

British regulars rush out to attempt to push the invaders back before they can become organized (ultimately a futile gesture).

New York militia consolidate and defend the landing zone.

The British regulars form line and prepare to fire.

US regular infantry land to back up the militia.

More New York militia units begin to land. The British regulars in the background find themselves outnumbered, with no reinforcements in sight.

Canadian militia units finally begin to arrive on the scene but have a distance to go to help the British regulars, seen in the background.

New York militia begin to pour volleys into the British regulars.

The British regulars have been severely depleted (they started with two full groups of eight figures each) after facing two formations of New York militia backed up by US regulars. But the Canadian militia can be seen coming up to their rescue.

A light British gun arrives and unlimbers in the village.

Unfortunately, no more pics of the game. This is probably a good thing as the Anglo-Canadians were thoroughly trounced. The Americans have secured a solid foothold on the Canadian shore and next will move to secure the nearby heights.

Meanwhile, in the evening...

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