Saturday, June 3, 2017

War of 1812: Anglo-Canadians for Sharp Practice 2

I've been beavering way the last couple of months on a force to field against the War of 1812 Americans I completed about this time last year. In the intervening months, I've been battering at Vidal's British force (successfully, I might add... but who's counting?) but I thought it time to start on my own Anglo-Canadians. To start and as an initial adjunct to Vidal's Brits, I purchased some Brigade Games Canadian militia. Recently, I took possession of 50+ painted figures from Ohio Bob as part of a transaction that saw my entire Carlist Wars collection move south of the border.

The full force, militia on the left and regulars to the right. To the front left are Glengarry Light Infantry from Old Glory and from the brushes of Ohio Bob. To the right foreground are Old Glory Canadian Voltigeurs, again from Bob's talented hands.

Canadian militia from Brigade Games and sculpted by Paul Hicks. These are quite beautiful figures but I have a couple of quibbles. Recent years have seen various sculptors in the industry moving toward more realistically proportioned figures. These figures are part of that trend, especially in the thin (but admittedly more realistic) muskets and bayonets. These are, however, more of liability than an improvement. They are easily prone to bending and I can see many breaking in the future. And if you're going to sculpt more proportionally accurate muskets, why are the hands still looking like baseball gloves? I'd much rather sacrifice a bit of accuracy in the weapons for a more robust figure.

British regulars from Ohio Bob: three groups of centre company men, two groups of flank company men and a howitzer with crew. These are all plastic (Victrix and/or Perry?) and besides the excellent painting, all I can say is I'm glad I didn't have to assemble the damn things! Thanks Bob for a solid regular core for the force.

On the painting desk sits a group of Canadian artillerists and a 9lb gun with limber team. Next up after that are some natives and more US militia... oh, and US rifles, and US regulars, and Upper Canada Incorporated Militia. Just a few more additions...yeah, just a few!

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