Thursday, June 29, 2017

War of 1812: US regulars (1813)

Another addition to the SP2 War of 1812 collection, US regulars... this time from 1813. These are Old Glory figures and sport the simpler blue tunic (without lace on the breast, thank goodness) and leather shako, similar to the British tombstone version. When I started these, I thought I had appropriate command figures included in the bag but was sadly mistaken. I was able to find an orphan standard bearer in the proper uniform and headgear but unfortunately, no officers with shako. I thus used an officer figure with the earlier uniform until I can acquire some proper Big Men. This batch completes the American force for now (although I do have enough figs for two more groups of state militia skulking in the lead pile). The flag is from Battle Flag, who are one of the few retailers who supply 1812 standards. You can choose, when in the shopping cart, which regiment to represent and here we have the 13th Regiment of Infantry (though admittedly difficult to see on the flag).

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  1. Fantastic looking unit. Nice to see the War of 1812 subject, rarely seen nowadays.