Sunday, June 18, 2017

War of 1812: US rifles

So, I'm riding the 1812 painting wave. I've learned over the years to just ride the wave as it comes. Fighting it only leads to heartache and resentment. In January & February this year, I was obsessed with my Imagination collection and added three new infantry battalions to the Gourmandie army (see here). I was on such a high with that painting blitz that I ordered an entire new army from Front Rank (St Julien, see here). Of course, I probably should have knocked sharply on wood because that was the last of the ImagiNation world for the last few months (there is a palpable lull in aggressive activities amongst the rival countries... must be the nice weather). And so the War of 1812 has barged its way to the front of the queue. This is due in no small way to the efforts of Ohio Bob, as his recently-delivered painted British figures attest, and Monsieur Vidal, putting up with my desire to play-test 1812 scenarios.

Riding close on the heels of the recent 1812 additions, I pulled a few Old Glory US rifles from the lead mountain. These are smaller figures than any of the other manufacturers in my collection, although still some of my favourites. In fact, most of my US army is made up of Old Glory figures.

Next up, more US regulars but in the later uniform (for easier painting)...

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