Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chasseurs à Cheval - 5th company

Those who know me are sick of hearing this but... I HATE PAINTING CAVALRY!!

Ok, that's off my chest and on to the latest cavalry figures completed. Earlier in November, I finished up the elite company of Chasseurs à Cheval and promptly (and, in retrospect, rather masochistically) ordered more from Front Rank. These would represent the 5th company of the regiment and pair with the elite company to form the 1st Squadron. I duly prepped the figures and hit my first roadblock. I initially chose to paint the horses for this company in a lighter beige brown. Eagle eyes will notice that they are not now on light beige/brown horses. Without going into the details of how this was f$%^&ed up (cuz even writing it will increase my blood pressure), suffice to say that the horses went through three (yes...three!) primings and aborted painting attempts before I finally said "f%$k it... I'm not doing this again!"

The end result is not completely to my satisfaction but will do... I suppose. And don't even get me started on the fact that the elite company should be the ones on the black horses... sigh  :(

 1er Escadron, 9e Chasseurs à Cheval.
The 5th company leads the elite company, accompanied by two Big Men and a trumpeter.
Front Rank figures.

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