Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sharp Practice: French (and five is an odd number...yes)

I've been beavering away for the last few weeks on my French Napoleonic force for Sharp Practice, despite the Xmas rush of people in the house disturbing the painting calm (having the brood home is wonderful but chaotic). I've found that because of the shorter spans of quiet time in the household, I'm better suited to tackling small numbers of figures. Before the recent additions, I took a quick shot of the force to date...

Two groups of chasseurs; three groups of infantry; one group of skirmishers.

Clearly the force was getting large enough to warrant some command figures. I had ordered these figures from Front Rank but realized how much larger they are than the Warlord plastics only when they arrived. No matter... they are Big Men after all :)

And with an eye to easy prep and completion during the Xmas chaos, a group of five French engineers  and a mounted engineer officer from Warlord Games. These are also bigger figures than the plastics... but they should be big burly men to wield the axes and shovels! But why five figures in the pack? Why not an even six? Sharp Practice "requires" six figures in an engineer group but this is frankly of no consequence to me. I'll field it as a five figure group and not stress even a bit about it (in the same way my militia groups are eight figures strong instead of the "required" ten figures... I've yet to be properly enlightened as to why, in the rules as written, militia groups "should" be ten figures and regular groups "should" be eight figures .. makes NO sense to me... and don't even get me started about five figure gun crews...sigh).

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