Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Winter '44: OK, project not complete

Did I really post that this project is complete? Apparently, yes (link). Tallying up my years in the hobby, I find I bought my first set of Airfix figures in 1975 from a small shop on the High Street in Boston Lincs (that's the original Boston, for you Yanks!). That makes for 42 years in the hobby! You'd think by now that I'd not make sweeping "the project is completed" statements. This is especially applicable in a WWII context. Not only does it seem this is not the end of the Winter '44 project but it's not even the first go round with 28mm WWII. Some projects never end...

And so, after the first game in our Bloody Bucket campaign (link), I realized I had no STG44-armed German infantry to represent the Sturm sections in the Volksgrenadier platoons. Onto the interwebs and a walk amongst 28mm WWII manufacturers: 1) Taking advantage of Warlord Games' annual Xmas sales, I ordered up a box set of Winter Waffen-SS infantry but this would give me only six STG44-armed figures; 2) I then stumbled on Empress Miniatures' small range of late war Germans, amongst which are two packs of the required figures. Both these purchases were soon winging their way to The Great White North (along with sundry other bits and bobs... c'mon, why order just one thing from Warlord Games? ...that would be just silly).

Thus, making it in just under the 2017 year-end painting wire are two sections of Sturmtroopers...

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