Sunday, February 11, 2018

ImagiNations: the unknown regiments

People of a certain vintage will remember the unknown comic...

I just need to find a 28mm figure, preferably mounted, to represent the ruler of another state in our ImagiNation world...

And with no segue at all... two unknown cavalry regiments and an unknown commander ride out from the depots of the unknown ImagiNation state!

I painted these two units for my lovely daughter-in-law as a beginning for her unknown ImagiNation army. The unknown commander was a Xmas gift to her from Captain Dan and gave me the incentive to dig around in the various boxes of lead in the Trenton Gaming Emporium (and at home) to see what was available as a start to her unknown army. 

Cuirassiers from Crusader Miniatures (Russian perhaps?).
Orange coats were requested and delivered.

Dragoons from Crusader Miniatures (Austrian?).
Keeping with the orange theme but only in the facing colours for this unit, these are a plainer uniform as befits their lesser status (compared to the cuirassiers) and thus grey coats. The combination of blue and orange is quite striking.

Both regiments galloping to glory!
A nice start to the army and a solid addition to the cavalry contingents in the ImagiNation collection (looking eventually for massed waves of cavalry sweeping across the table... one can dream).

The commander vignette from the talented hands of Captain Dan. I have no idea of the provenance of these figures but it is an outstanding piece of work!


  1. Very nice, I have gone into these photos for close inspection twice and they are lovely. Agree about the command stand, there is so much to look at in that small space.

  2. Thanks Norm. I'll pass along your comment to Captain Dan.