Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sharp Practice 2: Young Guard

As the French force is nearing completion, I've decided to add some support options in the form of Young Guard infantry. I was browsing the Wargames Foundry site a few weeks ago and came across some voltigeurs/grenadiers in greatcoats but with full plumes on the shakos. I realize this may have been a rare occurrence (infantry in campaign dress but with the plumes clearly uncovered and on display), but I thought it would make a nice contrast to the regular French infantry. An order was duly processed and arrived without incident. Thus, two groups of Young Guard Tirailleurs march out of the depot... another single group of Young Guard Voltigeurs in skirmish order is on the painting desk, along with a couple of Big Men).

The Foundry figures were a joy to paint, despite some odd chunks of metal left over from ageing figure molds. I'm not sure how often these will be used in a game or how I will point them up... but that's a problem for another day :)

The French force as it stands now...

dark coloured shapes = completed units
shaded shapes = figures acquired but unpainted
stars = Big Men
circles = supernumeraries

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