Saturday, January 11, 2020

War of 1812: Maryland militia

As I work toward a Sharp Practice mini-campaign set in the Chesapeake area in 1814, I have been continuing to add some American militia units from the various states in the area. This time up are some Maryland militia from the venerable Old Glory line. I realize some don't like these figures but I have a certain softness for them.  This is not least because of the low cost per figure but also that I have painted these figures before for a former collection and have a particular nostalgia for them. I find that one Old Glory bag of 30 figures is perfect for creating three 8-figure groups for Sharp Practice plus a few Big Men.

Old Glory Maryland militia with standard from Flags of War.


  1. Outstanding job! Great looking units. And I agree, Old Glory are a great bargain.

  2. Nicely done! I agree that Old Glory are great value along with a reasonably extensive range to cover most soldiers of the War of 1812. I particularly like the character of the figures except for the chunky trousers.