Friday, March 12, 2021

FIW: Galloping Major and Front Rank additions

I recently received more fast turnaround orders from Galloping Major (best & friendliest service I've ever experienced in the hobby) and Front Rank. This time around I decided to bulk out the British forces with the addition of two skirmish groups of British infantry, a Royal Artillery gun & crew (from Front Rank), and some various command figures. I also included some leader figures for the French in the GM order. I had always thought that Front Rank figures were larger and bulkier than most other 28mm figures but the GM figures are even more so. Just the size and style that suits my painting style and ability.

Two skirmish groups of the 60th Foot, Royal Americans.
(Galloping Major)

Three new leaders for the British in 60th Foot colours.
(Galloping Major)

All of the 60th Foot together. 
Northstar figures in the rear and GM figures to the fore (with GM leaders). The GM and NS figures match well in style and size.

Royal Artillery.
(Front Rank)

Compagnie Franche de la Marine officers and NCOs. These will command their nominal troops as well as the Milices Canadienne who, historically, were also commanded in the field by CFdlM officers. These figures replace the few leader figures I painted from last year's Brigade Games FIW kickstarter. There is nothing wrong with the BG figures (sculpted by Paul Hicks); in fact, they're quite lovely but their sculpting style and lesser size don't match well with my current Galloping Major and Northstar figures.
(Galloping Major)

Two Deployment Points.
Left: These Front Rank figures were completed previously but rebased onto a larger round base.
Right: Galloping Major figures with GMB flags... 60th Foot.



  1. Very nice work indeed - I must check lout Galloping Major - I have never heard of them!

    1. Thank you. Yes, check out GM. You won't be disapppointed.