Tuesday, April 20, 2021

FIW: British grenadiers

I had a hankering to add some grenadiers to my British FIW force and wandered around the interwebs in search of suitable figures. My two favourite figure ranges for this project are North Star and Galloping Major. Unfortunately, neither include British grenadiers. The only other manufacturer that I like and somewhat closely matches my current collection in size and sculpting style is Front Rank but no raised detail on the mitres. This would be my fall back position if I found nothing else. Continued searching and found a vague reference on a forum or blog (can't remember where) to the Wargames Foundry SYW British range. My first thought was that Foundry figures would be too small (as is the case with most of their ranges compared to more recent sculpts... despite the fact a lot of their figures are quite lovely). But the online reference also mentioned the bulkier size figures. So an order went off to Foundry!

45th Foot grenadiers on the left (green facings); 40th Foot grenadiers on the right (buff facings). Both of these elite companies were part of the Louisburg Grenadiers, a composite battalion formed for the Quebec campaign in 1759 (along with the grenadier company of the 22nd Foot).

The Wargames Foundry figures were easy to paint and suit my painting style perfectly. Lots of raised detail guides the brush, making the large amount of lace and equipment a breeze (relatively speaking), and allowing washes to flow well.

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