Sunday, December 18, 2016

Xmas in Trenton: Soviets!

A pleasant Xmas get-together in Trenton this weekend and Michael received his obligatory gaming gift. This year, Captain Dan and I combined our resources and gifted an entire Soviet WWII force to Michael. The core force is a platoon of Crusader Miniatures and Artizan Designs figures. For these, I ordered the figures and had them shipped directly to Captain Dan's Gaming Lair in the wilds of New Brunswick, whereupon he applied brush and artistry to paint them. I contributed a Warlord Games SU-76 and T70, and a Rubicon T34/85. Because Michael's birthday is December 29, I decided to add to the force as a birthday gift. I had rummaged around in the unpainted pile and found a Warlord Games Soviet Naval Infantry set (from where and when?) and ordered another Warlord Games vehicle, a Gaz jeep and crew.

The entire force:

Platoon commander (+ 2 extra riflemen)
3 x 10 man infantry sections
Maxim MMG team
1 x 10 man naval infantry section
Naval Infantry AT rifle team
Gaz Jeep

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