Sunday, March 20, 2022

Texas War of Independence: project finished

I have powered through the final tranche of figures for this project. It's always the last bits that see my enthusiasm flagging. This final lot brings the collection total to 296 figures and far too many buildings.

Mexican regular cavalry.
(Boothill Miniatures)

Mexican Presidial cavalry (Boothill Miniatures).
I decided with this collection to differentiate between Scouting Cavalry and Dragoons/Impact Cavalry. The Regular cavalry is mounted on standard 25mm x 50mm pill bases. In contrast, the Presidial cavalry are mounted on various round and pill bases.

John Wayne... err, David Crockett, 
for when we want to throw a Hollywood Hero into Fisticuffs.
(Boothill Miniatures)

Native Tejano skirmishers (native Texans, mainly of Spanish origin).
(Boothill Miniatures)

More Texian artillery and a Texian Deployment Point.

Tejano/Texian irregular cavalry.
(Boothill Miniatures)