Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Year's Hiatus

Sigh, finally back to the long-neglected blog. House renovations, travelling, and a general painting ennui have brought about an almost 12 month vacation from updating with hobby progress. While almost six months passed last year with absolutely no painting or building (aforesaid renovations included a new basement hobby area), gaming continued at my normal pace. But with the randomly-decided turning of the New Year, my painting mojo seems to have returned. So, some recent additions to my collections and something new...

First up, the last of the planned Wars of the Roses figures. I believe the collection is now up to 383 figures. These are two light horse units from Front Rank. To be fair, only one is new but I decided to base/re-base on round bases to provide a more light-horse-y feel.

In a similar completion vein, I have finally completed the last of the French & Indian War units. From Galloping Major, these are two skirmish groups of Stockbridge Indians for the British side, along with one Big Man. 

And two final units for the FIW collection, Royal Navy landing party with Big Man, from Galloping Major. 
This well and truly finishes the FIW collection (well, at least until something else shiny comes along).

And for something new?

AWI continentals from Wargames Foundry...

...and some state line (2nd NY) also from Wargames Foundry.